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Bleacher Report remixe un morceau culte du hip hop des années 90


C’est l’une des performances les plus bluffantes de l’histoire du hip-hop. En 1999, dans « Alphabet Aerobics », le rappeur Gift of Gab du groupe Blackalicious débitait son flow à vitesse croissante sur des paroles suivant l’ordre alphabétique. L’année dernière, c’était Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter) qui reprenait le morceau chez Jimmy Fallon. Cette année, c’est le site d’actualités sportives Bleacher Report qui a demandé à Blackalicious de le réenregistrer avec des paroles adaptées à l’univers de la marque. Le résultat est d’autant plus réussi que la vidéo utilise 26 styles d’animation différents, soit un par lettre.

Et pour ceux qui veulent travailler leur flow, voici les paroles :

Now it’s time for our wrap up.
Let’s give it everything we’ve got.
Ready ? Begin.

Alley-alley-alley-alley-oop on amateurs
Air above all and any actors that’s average

Big barbarian basically beasting
Biters get blown up being brave, beatings

Casually, I chef cash cheddar, fools get
casualties and caught off guard with chin music

Dirty when I drop dimes damaging the dang earth
Devastate the defense detonate danger

Entertainer entertaining everyone and every mass
Enemies is envious ain’t even peep the elbow pass

Fire en fuego flick of the wrist foes in
Fear of the fury left flattened and frozen

Gloves off for the glass jaw by the goons
G.O.A.T of all G.O.A.T.S gone giddy gettin’ through

Human joystick, heating up, heat check BLAM
Hit ’em hard, hella hyped, hero going H.A.M.

I’m isolated on islands it’s over, it’s over
Ice in your veins getting colder

Juke jock jerk to those who aren’t worthy
Jamming through my journey in a jet black jersey

King Kong of K.O.s kid kiss the ring
Knuckle up now with the knuckle buck king

Lemme live a long life leading with my laces out
Right now losers look up cause it’s lights out

My moves marvelous, money shot, massive
Main event, moon-shot, MVP, master

Nails in the coffin knots in their knees, triumph
Nutmeg through their knees nothing but nylon

Opposition oft on the ropes in the octagon
One-two, punched out, lights going off and on

Pillow picked passes of prolific poetry
Power plays, pickpocketing petty phonies

Quest for the cup, it’s quantum y’all, quote me
Quiet all quitters feeling qualms when we’re quarreling

Raw ringside riots relish and remain
Rallying, rough rated rhymes make it rain

Swishin’ on simple soft suckers spitting swag
Slice dice shimmy nothing-but-net, splash.

Turnt up, taking out timid minds. Twister.
Leave ’em turnt out, they are truck stick victims

Unstoppable ups, stay uninvolved
Unanimous, universal, year of the underdog

Vicious and vital, victories calling
Volley y’all out victorious velocity

Bob and weave well, wide receiving words woven
Moonwalk when I whip, get the world open

X-celling, X-treme, X-tra X-plosive
X-hilarating X-out competition so quick

Yolo pass rhymes, y’all young bucks fall
Yoga stretch rhymes yelling yiggy yes y’alls

Zero zero zero on the clock, game’s over
zoomin to the zenith, zero out, in my zone, ZONING ! ! !

Ha, ha, ha, ha. Good. Can you say it faster ?